Capturing Intimacy: Candid Poses for Your Next Couple's Photoshoot

A guide for couples looking for candid posing inspiration! Here are 14 of my favourite candid poses.

Just like you, I love the real moments in life. The way your partner sneaks a look at you out of the corner of their eye when you're not watching. The way you dance around together when making dinner in the kitchen. These are the moments I want to capture - the REAL you. I like to accomplish these moments in time through my camera with these prompts. Show these to your photographer for inspiration, and if you haven't booked a photographer, you can book me here.

1. Kiss With Your Teeth

Kissing with your teeth can be so fun! Some couples LITERALLY try and kiss each other with their teeth, making super funny expressions, while others smile while getting close to their partner. Which one will you do? Either way, you get either a super cute or super funny expression that will make both of you laugh.

2. Twirl Her

I LOVE TWIRLING!!! Twirling your partner around is so fun and will often result in both partners laughing at each other while they twirl and trip over their feet. This gets both of you relaxed and comfortable, and turns into the BEST photos.

3. Piggy-Back & Jump Around

Piggy back are always so cute! I find this really brings out who the couple are when they're together and they always turn out amazing. I will sometimes ask my couples to jump around as you are giving your partner a piggy back as this gets them comfortable and laughing (can you tell I love when my couples laugh?)

4. Attack Her With Kisses

This is probably my favourite prompt as it never fails to get couples laughing and being silly together. I'll usually get one person to attack their partner with neck kisses while the other takes it like a champ. Look at that smile!!

5. Pick Up & Spin Around

Picking up and spinning your partner around is a carefree pose that injects playfulness and affection into couples' sessions. I really love to make sure you are having fun while we do these sessions so that you not only go home with amazing photos, but an amazing experience as well, and spinning your partner around really helps with that! It's a nice balance between intimacy and silliness!

6. Neck Kiss

Neck kisses are an amazing prompt I love to include because it's really different depending on you and your partner. Sometimes you'll get a very soft and gentle neck kiss that truly shows the tenderness in your relationship. Other times, you might get something more similar to the "attack with kisses" prompt, where you're falling over laughing as you're being attacked! It really depends on you and your relationship.

7. Tickle Fight

Tickle fights are like a surprise box of chocolates; you never know what you're going to get! The unpredictability and sheer joy that unfold during these playful skirmishes add a delightful and spontaneous element to couples' sessions.

8. Dip Kiss

I find that the dip kiss really helps couples who enjoy physical affection get close and intimate together. This is a fun trust exercise as well as you're being dipped and help firmly in your partners arms!

9. Touch Noses But Don't Kiss

Nose touch, but don't kiss! You'll get super intimate with your partner and I'll hold you here for a bit so that when you're finally allowed to kiss it's like embracing your partner after a long time apart!

10. Spin While Holding Hands

Spinning around and holding hands is super fun as it encourages you to play in a child-like way with your partner.

11. Surprise Attack

I will ask your partner to stand a few feet in front of you and tell you to "surprise attack" them. You have full creative control on what you want to do and many couples do this differently! Some will run and jump up onto their partner, others will come up and hug them from behind and others will tickle their partner! It's truly a surprise, and I love seeing what different couples come up with.

12. Tell Her A Joke

Tell her a joke - or in some cases if you have a hard time thinking of a joke on the spot, I'll ask you to seductively describe how you're going to make them breakfast in the morning. The seductive tone adds playfulness that gets you laughing with your partner.

13. Whisper In Her Ear

This one can go hand-in-hand with telling a joke. Sometimes I'll ask you to whisper the joke in her ear. This can be super cute with different couples and I love seeing the expressions that you give!

14. Wrestle Each Other

This is actually a new prompt I started using recently in my couple sessions. If you love being goofy, playful and try to one-up each other during our session, I might ask to wrestle each other to the ground. Can you imagine how many different things could happen just from this SINGLE activity?! 

I can promise you three things when you leave your couples session with me:

1. Your face will most likely hurt from laughing so much since all of my prompts tend to bring out the goofiness of your relationship!

2. You'll get an experience - playing and laughing with your partner.

3. Beautiful photos!

Hey, I'm Meegan!

Your go-to girlfriend for all things wedding & photography!

I aim to capture spontaneous and candid moments that reflect who you are. I love to prompt my clients with fun activities and minimal posing, allowing your natural expressions to shine.

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Capturing Intimacy: Candid Poses for Your Next Couple's Photoshoot

A guide for couples looking for candid posing inspiration! Here are 14 of my favourite candid poses.